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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Social opinion

What should be tha main opinion? Common rules or what Master said? Rather rhetorical questional, but...

What if something wasn't accepted by society, but it is accepted and being enjoyed by Master? If I wen't out dressed in society unacceptable way, don't I do his credit? On the other hand - He is my Master, He can decide if this outfit is aproppriate or not, and if He cares about what the rest of society will think about how I look.

Because I didn't have the picture
which fit :) 
Maybe I should start from what does it MEAN that He is my Master, and following my own definition it
means that each decision which should be made I give to Him. The same with situation evaluation. So, if Master says that "X" is ok, it means it is ok? I suppose yes, but...

Giving him right of judgment, I didn't give Him my feelings. The fact that He likes i.e. an outfit, it doesn't mean that I also like it, despite the fact that I accept it.

It was the best example of talking about nothing, but I suppose that Master will want to ask me about some issues from that post :)

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