first of all, I would like to say sorry for my English. It's still not the best, but I hope that during writing this blog and my studies I'll be better every day :)I also want to say that it's a blog of me and my life. And because BDSM is a big part of my life, many things will be about it. The blog is translation of blog I have in my own language.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Vanilla sex

Candles... Smell of THOSE perfumes... Intense craving... Two burning from desire bodies... Eh - vanilla almost kicked you - didn't she? And what?

And, blimey, nothing! Of course for the first 20 minutes - as I do - ohs and ahs, how good and romantic it was. Time is running up. And Nisha? She didn't miss any ocasion to bite Master's fingers ;) Conclusion? Pure long-term vanilla just doesn't work for me.

The better I'm getting know my psyche the more shocked I am.

Since moment, when Nisha went into her own room, I don't need ANY sex - vanilla or not. But, dammit, for how long you can survive without sex?! The more desire is coming, the more Nisha shows up.

Question number one: is there any connection with my PMS?

Question number two: does Nisha live only on desire and craving?

Question numer three: will I ever know the answers?

I suppose that nobody knows the answer on third question. No matter of that, I was pushed by some mistique power to confess Master that I sined a bit. Reaction? Immediate consequences and punishment. Effect? Some not nice feelings, but... If you look at it from the perspective, I would do that again. I mean - I would confess,  not sined :D

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